Smytty Day [02/??]
↳ Smytty hugging his coach with Yak rubbing the dust out of his eye.

Smytty Day [03/??]
everyone is showered and in their suits…except for Smytty.
I don’t want you to take off your jersey either! :’(

Gagner / Hall / Gazdic / Petry / Scrivens / Larsen

Smytty Day [04/??]
↳ the “did you hear my heart break” moment.

The Edmonton Oilers become Tim Horton’s employees for a day.

nose scrunch. (✿◠‿◠)

Smytty Day [07/??]
last minutes of the game when the crowd stands to salute Ryan Smyth. Thank you for everything, Smytty. <3

Matt Hendricks | Oil Change Ep. 6 promo (x)